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Funniest prank call using two character voices (The Hearing Aid)

Jack Dani as Carmela and Sylvio Stancatto
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Prank Call – Man of a Thousand Voices – Lance Krall

Follow me on Twitter! Starting Nov 16th, watch Free Radio on Comedy Central! Lance can’t keep a straight face when he calls a voice-over demo agency and resorts to blaming an imaginary dog.

318 The man of 101 voices – BestofYouTube com

Video Rating: 4 / 5


Hey Youtube Nation this video is just a filler video until I start posting videos again so yea. PLEASE rate, comment, and subscribe it would make me happy lol. Ownage Pranks Link

Voices of the Creekside Tavern (paranormal)

Hauned Tavern evp. Creedside Tavern in Avon Ohio built in 1816. Listen to the voices of the spirits of Creekside Tavern.ParanormalPhenomena THE starting place for exploring (paranormal phenomena) and the unexplained, including ghosts, ghost stories, ghost photos (EVP INVESTIGATIONS) (EVP EXPERT) (OHIO GHOST HUNTERS) (ANNIE CARISSIMI) The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded True Tales Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken “Paranormal” Photo Galleries Ghosts and Hauntings Amazing Photos Human Mysteries Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken seeing is believing, then these photos will convince you of the existence of ghosts. Here are some incredible ghost pictures and the equally remarkable … /Best-Ghost-Photos/featuring researched real life mysteries on cases that include poltergeists, ghosts, and hauntings News results for {paranormaL} ParanormalResearcher historic PARANORMAL!Paranormalthe free Paranormal is a general term that describes unusual experiences that lack a scientific explanation, or phenomena alleged to be outside of science’s current … Paranormal case files relating to hauntings, angelology and demonology, nature spirits, and the technical side of …Paranormal News — Your Source Paranormal Related Your source for ufo and paranormal related information.Unexplained Mysteries :: Paranormal Phenomena and the Worlds ..The Unexplained, Paranormal Phenomena,everything unexplained.Society: Paranormal phenomena “Annie Carissimi”:”EVP INVESTIGATIONS”:”OHIO GHOST HUNTERS”

[Itfriend Vietsub] Ghost Whisperer S01E09 Voices Part 5

Wiccan celtic voices women of song clips from ghost whisperer

hope you enjoy i put some clips out of ghost whisperer. i thought it would be betta then to play the song with nothin to watch hopw its not to boring i had fun doing this it cured my bordom so if i like it someone else is gonna like it lol
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Ghost Box EVPs Voices From Beyond

By listenening to any EVP recodings with headphones or ear buds, so much more can be heard. In this video, I have shown 4 evp clips recorded from a ghost box session on 30th October 2009. Some of the voices are coming through very clear and it seems as if they have been waiting for me to talk to them. One question I have been thinking over recently is what is the origin of these EVPs, are they spirits, ghosts, aliens or some other entity altogether. My personal belief is it is largely spirits of thos that have passed over but I certainly cant rule out it beying from somewhere else.

GHOST VOICES! Scott’s Kitchen, Part 1. EVP in the Kitchen!

Ghost voice EVP while making grub and getting sauced! In this exciting testimonial, SPAT Lead Investigator Scott Clark talks about paranormal activity and EVP in his almost legendary kitchen and how drinking Manhattans seems to bring out the ghosts. Also explained is SPAT’s fondness of TLAs (three letter acronyms). For more EVPs, case files, photos, videos, information, recipes and information on the undead in your area, visit: Twitter ©2011 SPAT Productions. All Rights Reserved.

Lowkey & Immortal Technique – Voices Of The Voiceless ft Rochelle Rose (Video)

BUY THE TRACK AND SUPPORT THE ARISTS WHO MAKE REAL MUSIC DOWNLOAD LINK Voices Of The Voiceless by Lowkey & Immortal Technique ft Rochelle Rose (OFFICIAL LYRICS) Verse1: (Lowkey) “From West 10 to the West Bank, I write righteous rhymes with my right and wrestle the devil with my left hand, Never work for a Zionist, never been a yes man, My art is like Rembrandt painting pictures of death camps, The average person is allergic to the words of wisdom, This is for everyone of Saddam’s Kurdish murder victims, And all the pure souls that never had the chance to speak, Truth pumps in my arteries and causes my heart to beat, For soldiers haunted and tortured by guilty memories, Who realised too late to reveal their real enemy, It’s all dead wrong For every victim of racist persecution from Auschwitz to Hebron, My words may sting cowards, For people that were atomised by the Thermate in the Twin Towers Those living through the wars, Ask me what I do this for, Put the world in its place before it put you in yours, Chorus: (Singer) What happens under darkness shall come to light, Can’t silence us even though you try, (Lowkey) You can try to avoid us but it’s pointless You can never avoid the voices of the voiceless (Singer) Take our freedom, Can’t take our pride, Come what may we will survive, (Lowkey) You can try to avoid us but it’s pointless, You can never avoid the voices of the voiceless Verse2: (Immortal Technique) Keep my third eye hidden under my New York fitted, A

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