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London 2012 Olympic Games – Beach VolleyBall Epic Fail

Dude gets hit right in the face while playing beach volley ball London 2012 Olympics So So Funny. Epic Fail

the worst volleyball serve ever

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Cleo the Standard Poodle Learns to Play Volleyball

Standard Poodles are among the smartest dogs in the world. They are eager to learn. Watch 2-year-old Cleo gain skill as she plays volleyball with the kids. After watching from the sidelines for a while she soon wanted to join in the fun. At first she sent the ball into the net or over the fence, but very soon she set up the ball and hit it over the net to everyone’s delight. Cleo has learned many tricks, but this time she just joined in the fun and caught on quickly. The laughter of the kids was all the reward she needed. We sure love our Cleopatra. Poodles are athletic, intelligent dogs. If you want a pet who will make you laugh, loves to play on land or water, looks beautiful, and doesn’t shed, get yourself a Standard Poodle.

Referee Catches Volleyball Spike With Face

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