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Funny Prank Call (Welcome to India)

Prank call to my friend , later on i told him it was me, he started raging. PRANK CALL! Website :

Welcome to guitarbaseballguy16#2

check out my new channel called guitarbaseballguy2 (i would’ve made it guitarbaseballguy16#2 but youtube chose the name) Twitter:
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Random Pranks – Episode 2 – Welcome to Infinity Ward

Thanks for watching leave a comment asking us wether or not we should do this again, can we get 20 likes?!?! Follow me on Twitter: Join my group on Facebook:
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Roy Wood Jr Prank Call – Welcome Massur

A woman is told to be more nicer to white people by greeting them as master (Massur) (Please Rate and Comment)
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A Wee Show Welcome This short video was made by The Wee Show to formally introduce you, the viewer, to our show! We are a comedy variety show with skits, magic, trailers and more!!7d71e41d2038a Content-Disposition form-data; name=”field_myvideo_title” A Wee Show Welcome

Welcome to my Vlog Channel

Hey Everyone i started this Vlog Channel i will be tryin to Vlog everyday if not everyother day :) i think i might even do some Pranks an act Crazy lol If you have any Prank Ideas Left Me know :)
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Welcome to California University…of Pennsylvania! (Part 1 of 2) free fun video good college

Welcome to California University…of Pennsylvania! (Part 1 of 2) free fun video good college pranks pranks college fun april fools pranks new video Adam, Lucidi, Comedian, Comic, Stand, Up, New, York, City, Pittsburgh, California, University, Pennsylvania, Funny, Laugh, Interview, Library, School, Education, Titanic, Lighthouse, Books, Tour, Campus, Educational, Prank, Rock, Wall, Study, Degree, College, Learn, Civility, Responsibility

Roommates welcome home prank

Ryan gets owned by gallon of water
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Welcome to Living with Leacy!

We sit down and discuss why we set up the channel, and what you can expect. Subscribe for Leacy antics and general banter. Cheers!

Best Prank EVER! Welcome home, Mark!

Our friend Mark was gone in France for a few months. To celebrate his return, we built a finished wall in his hallway, complete with his picture and an electrical outlet. We then screwed his door shut with lag bolts, and after he got those out, there was a second wall inside his door covered with dicks. We also hung all his furniture from inside the second wall. It was epic. Props to Devin Acker for finding the music from an extremely vague description. Way awesome.
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