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wales prank (didnt work very well) lol.3GP

A prank that me and me m8 did lol but didnt work lol
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The guys get an unexpected visit from Crazy Carrie.

mma fighter doesnt feel well

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2D Quantum Well Simulation (real-time)

I use leapfrog integration to solve the time-dependent Schrödinger equation for a (very broad) Gaussian in an infinite square well, and with a quadratic potential superimposed. This is a real-time simulation (~40 FPS) implemented entirely in Java and rendered with my own 3D graphics engine.
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funny prank! shutdown tune changed to sex sounds in library! well funny!!!

unsuspected victim gets windows shutdown prank in library. funny as hell!! please comment ad rate when finnished
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QM6.8: Finite Square Well E ≤ V₀ – Discrete energy specturm

The Finite Square Well Potential, case: E ≤ V₀ In graphing the expressions for each equation, we can this famous graph in quantum mechanics showing the discrete energy values for a finite square well potential. Note that the number of solutions depend on the size of R, which in turn depends on the depth V₀ and the width a of the well. Also, in the limiting case V₀→∞, the circle’s radius R becomes infinite we recover the energy expression for the infinite well. For an in-depth study, check out
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013 Hilary: The Square Well

In thisseries of physics lectures, Professor JJ Binney explains how probabilities are obtained from quantum amplitudes, why they give rise to quantum interference, the concept of a complete set of amplitudes and how this defines a “quantum state”.
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quantum mechanics: infinite square well (part I)

In this problem we setup and solve the infamous “particle in a box” or infinite square well potential. We find that the energies are discrete.
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Cant Do Well

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Travie McCoy: We’ll Be Alright [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

© WMG 2010. Travie McCoy’s music video for ‘We’ll Be Alright’ from his album, Lazarus – available now on Decaydance / Fueled By Ramen. Visit for more!

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