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This Is How We’re Jewish – Keith From Up Da Block (parody)

This Is How We’re Jewish – Keith From Up Da Block Only Keith From Up Da Block has the chutzpah to jack Montell Jordan’s classic and create this hilarious Hebrew holiday extravaganza! This guy’s got balls, matzoh-size balls, and in 2009 you best believe Keith is gettin’ that cream cheese. For all the Jewish folks out there, this is everything you learned in Hebrew School captured in one song. For everyone else, come along for the ride and youll be screaming Mazel Tov in no time! We got Jewish celebs galore and the best Bar Mitzvah dancing since Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Please subscribe to our You Tube channel and enjoy musical parody from the man who calls himself Weird Al Gangstavich! Remember: Keith is not a Jew, but he is Jew-ish. –Shecky Green, Executive Producer ————————————– “This Is How We’re Jewish” is available online now! Check out the “American Prankster” CD by Keith From Up Da Block on: I Tunes Keith’s You Tube: Keith’s My Space: Keith’s Official Website: For Keith bookings and business inquiries, contact: Executive Producer: Shecky Green for Game Recordings Produced by: DJ Mighty Mi for Well Done Burger Productions All songs written by: Keith From Up Da Block ————————————– “This Is How We’re Jewish” This is how we’re Jewish (this is how we’re Jewish) Hava Nagila! (this is how we’re
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One Direction – ‘We’re Swearing Off Spoons’

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Stupid Kid Saw Off Branch They Were Sitting On

This is what you normally see on cartoons or dumb movies not in real life… How could this kid be this so stupid?

if police were dogs

Top 25 Beautiful Celebrities Tattoos Based on : Bernhard Wicki, Bernie Casey, Bernie Kopell, Bernie Mac, Berry Kroeger, Bert Convy, Bert Lahr, Bert Lytell, Bert Remsen, Berton Churchill, Beryl Mercer, Beryl Reid, Bess Armstrong, Bess Flowers, Bessie Barriscale, Bessie Love, Beth Broderick, Beth Ehlers, Beth Littleford, Bethel Leslie, Betsy Blair, Betsy Drake, Bette Davis, Bette Midler, Betty Balfour
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Re: WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!! (11.20.11 – Day 934) (WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!!)

WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!! (11.20.11 – Day 934) WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!! (11.20.11 – Day 934) WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!! (11.20.11 – Day 934) This video is a link to their actual wedding vlog. Thanks so much, and don’t forget to check me out on the links below! MAIN CHANNEL WE’RE MARRIED!!!!!! (11.20.11 – Day 934) ctfxc internet killed tv charles trippy television alli zoey marley charlestrippy we the kings tour bus disaster cops scared running tickets skimboarding poop birds pranks zombie girls hoard girl pretty princess bride ctfxcwedding wedding
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January 24, 2012 CNN

We’re Moving???

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Wait were going to Walmart?

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Me and my friends were shooting Airsoft war game in Shafter Ca. Part 1

people in video is myself Ryan, Ricky, Ruben, Marcus, Rudy, and some others people I dont know. anyway… its was fun and I think this video made in 2004.


we’re all in this together woke up this morning i suddenly realized were all in this together i started smiling cos you were smiling and were all in this together im made of atoms youre made of atoms and were all in this together and long division just doesnt matter cos were all in this together i saw you walking in the city were all in this together the city’s changing cos we are changing and were all in this together every twelve seconds someone remembers that were all in this together in the kitchen of your rent-control apartment were all in this together cmon baby i dont mean to rush you i only wanted to reach out and touch you ive gotta start to open my heart i know you think about jumping ship before it sinks but were all in this together ask a scientist its quantum physics were all in this together and on the subway we feel like strangers but were all in this together yeah i love you and you love her and she loves him but were all in this together yknow baby theres never been protection in all the history of human connection cmon darling its alright to show me you dont ever need to be lonely once you start to open your heart i saw you crying i started crying cos were all in this together and then religion its a big decision but were all in this together were all in this together I do not own this music. Copyright to Sony Music Entertainment.
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