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killer whale

Top 25 Fantasy Celebrities Tattoos Based on : James Tolkan, James Tupper, James Urbaniak, James Van Der Beek, James Whitmore, James Wilby, James Wilder, James Woods, Jameson Clark, Jameson Parker, Jameson Thomas, Jamey Sheridan, Jami Gertz, Jamie Bamber, Jamie Bell, Jamie…
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Greenland Whale Fisheries

Man the harpoons me’lads!
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The star whale – Doctor Who – BBC

The Doctor decides the fate of the last star whale, which helped humanity to escape to safety during the solar flares of the 29th century. Great HD clip from Series 5 of Doctor Who! Watch more high quality videos on the BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:
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!Death Gets Asgardian! + VS Adult Battle whale!

Death Finally gets Asgardian! But I forgot to get shield and cannot afford the AXE but ill get soon no worries :p

Noah And The Whale – Five Years Time (with lyrics)

Lyrics: Oh, well, in five years time we could be walking round a zoo With the sun shining down over me and you And there’ll be love in the bodys of the elephants too and I’ll put my hands over your eyes, but you’ll peek through And there’ll be sun, sun, sun All over our bodys. And sun, sun, sun All down our necks And There’ll be sun, sun, sun All over our faces And sun, sun, sun So, what the heck ’cause i’ll be laughing at all your silly little jokes And we’ll be laughing about how we used to smoke All those stupid little cigarretes and drinks stupid wine ’cause it’s what we need to have a good time But it was fun, fun, fun When we were drinking. It was fun, fun, fun When we were drunk And it was fun, fun, fun When we were laughing It was fun, fun, fun Oh, it was fun. Oh, well, ill look at you and say “it’s the happiest that i’ve ever been” And i’ll say: “i no longer feel i have to be james dean” And she’ll say: “yeah, well i feel all pretty happy too, and i’m always pretty happy when i’m just kicking back with you” And it be love, love, love All throught our bodys. Love, love, love All throught our minds And it be love, love, love All over her face And love, love, love All over mine. And i’ll remember all these moments but there just my head I’ll be thinking about them as im lying in bed And i know that they might not even come true But in my mind i’m having a pretty good time with you Five years time I might not know you In Five years time We might not speak In five

Whale Shark 02

Taken at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This is a video of a whale shark, the world’s largest fish. The specimen shown is a juvenile, believe it or not. They actually grow much larger.
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What’s Killing The Whale Sharks? (CBS News)

Norton, a 23-foot whale shark at the Georgia Aquarium, had to be euthanized. His death comes just months after another whale shark at the same facility also died. Mark Strassmann reports. (

Whale Sharks Vulnerable to Boat-Related Injuries

Whale sharks frequently filter feed along the ocean’s surface. This video — captured by Georgia Aquarium field researchers — reveals how whale sharks are vulnerable to boat-related injuries. Some of the whale shark individuals in this region off the northeastern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula had tattered dorsal fins, shredded skin and scars. Conservation efforts include having boat speed limitations in known whale shark feeding areas, such as this ‘afuera’ zone.

Georga Aquarium – Whale Sharks

Whale Shark Demo @ The Georgia Aquarium

Ocean Enterprises – Werner Kurn Dives with a Whale Shark

Ocean Enterprises – Werner gets a chance to dive with a whale shark at the Georgia Aquarium.
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