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“Whales” Sy_and_em’s photos around Mirissa North, Sri Lanka (walls wachin in mirrisa)

Preview of Sy_and_em’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This blog preview was made by TravelPod using the TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow creator. Entry from: Mirissa North, Sri Lanka Entry Title: “Whales!” Entry: “When we got back to Hikkaduwa we wanted to go somewhere else. Bill (one of the people who came to Adams Peak) said he was going to Mirissa which is where you can go to see the whales so the next day we went. It was much quieter in Mirissa, not many bars or hotels but just one big one (really expensive) with a wall around it so you have to walk all the way around to get to the beach. Bill turned up the day after and we booked the whale watching for the next day. We got picked up at 6.30am and we went to the harbor, which was well hidden a we didn’t know where it was. There were about 8 others on the boat. The sea was quite choppy and I didn’t feel so well. It took about an hour to get out to the whales, the water was 2000 meters deep. We saw quite a few whales. Lots of spurting water and some diving. We stayed for about an hour watching them. On the way back in we saw dolphin, flying fish and tuna. We were out for 4 hours. The next day we went to a snake farm which was in a garage up past a hand written sign that said conservation snake farm. I don’t even think it was the mans house as he arrived after us on a motorbike! The man was a medicine man who makes medicine for snake bites but not from anti venom but from natural ingredients
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balooga whales havin sex

at the georgia aquarium
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Training Beluga Whales

Training Beluga Whales at the Georgia Aquarium

Beluga Whales at Georgia Aquarium 7/9/10

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Swimming With Whales Sharks at Georigia Aquarium – Atlanta, GA

Lisa and Brian swimming with the Whale Sharks and others at the Georgia Aquarium.
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Beluga Whales – Georgia Aquarium – Atlanta

Beluga Whales at Georgia Aquarium. The video was shot during the gT-Night at Aquarium. Belugas live in cold waters and are harmless. They are playful whales.

Beluga whales in Georgia Aquarium

Beluga whales in Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium – Beluga Whales 2

A belgua whale at the Georgia aquarium in Atlanta that just loves the camera.
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Beluga whales at the Georgia aquarium

Beluga whales at the Georgia aquarium

Georgia Aquarium – Beluga whales

More from the GA Aquarium~ The beautiful Beluga whales. Again, another animal we ended up spending more than 10 minutes at the tank/exhibit with. They were so gorgeous, I could’ve watched them, like, all day~ ^^

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