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**ALERT** X 18 Solar Flare To Hit Earth Within 24 hours??

Powerfull X class solar flare do to hit earth within 24 hours? and we are not being warned nor told. Its only on this one website, no other NASA site has it that I could find. Use the bar graph at the bottom to prove if it’s an X. I am still working on the data, but it’s better safe then sorry. Link Please Join Our Planet-X Brown Dwarf Research Group on Paltalk Download Paltalk Messenger FREE Then Join This Room http
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Within Trailer – August 2011

Get ready, because this summer Evil Begins WITHIN. A horror film in the making. This disturbing film will premier in August of this year. It’s a bone chilling story that will leave you speechless in the wake of it’s true terror. Music – Royalty Free MacLeod: Medusa and The Dread No Copyright
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John Zaffis: The World Within Trailer (Long)

STEP INSIDE HIS WORLD. From hauntings to clearings, from possessions to exorcisms, hear enlightening tales few have ever heard and learn how John finds sanctuary fro the experiences that haunt him. Join him as he travels to Buffalo Central Terminal for a ghost-hunting event. Meet other researchers, psychics and clergy of John’s inner circle. Follow members of his group, PRSNE, as they search for signs of spirit activity on an old farm. Visit his Paranormal Museum as he receives yet another eerie item to add to his collection. Delve into the mysterious topic of the Djinn and discover a potentially malevolent force that rivals the Fallen. John Zaffis: The World Within offers you an in-depth look at one of the most distinguished researchers in the paranormal today. A demonologist with over 35 years of experience, John Zaffis is one of the foremost experts in the field, a man that novice and veteran investigators alike turn to for advice and assistance on their most difficult cases. Enter John’s life from the inside, but beware, the world within is one of darkness and light; of good and evil; of life and afterlife.
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A brief understanding of Time within Quantum Mechanics

To understand Quantum Mechanics we have to first understand time and the part we play in the continuum or arrow of time. In Quantum Atom Theory the wave-particle duality creates time itself. Time is being created continuously by electron photon couplings. When a wave-particle function of light come in contact with an electron on the surface of an atom there is a quantum leap of energy and the particle-wave function collapses into a new photon particle of light and a new moment of time. Two dimensional space on the surface of that atom expands into three dimensional spacetime as a new expanding particle wave function of future possibilities. When this particle wave function comes in contact with the electrons of another object it will collapse again creating a new moment in time. This is a continuous process within our universe that gives us the time continuum. Time only moves forward because the probability of the wave function only works one way. We always know the position or momentum of a quantum particle in the past. Because we can choose when and where to collapse the wave function we have free-will to create our own future. The quantum particle will only have a position in time and space if the observer collapse the wave function. If the observer does not collapse the wave function the quantum particle will only have the momentum of its own particle-wave function. Because the time continuum is very difficult to visualize I have used diagrams, drawings and oil

Quantum Physics & the God Within You.m4v

The brain is the key.
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The geometry and probability of Time within Quantum Mechanics

In Quantum Atom Theory time has geometry and a symmetry that can explain the probability and non-locality of quantum physics. The forward momentum of electromagnetic radiation forms Einsteins curvature of spacetime and form part of the dynamically evolving geometry of time. Because it is impossible to achieve absolute zero all atoms radiate EMR continuously and it is this emission and absorption of EMR that creates the forward momentum of time at the most fundamental level. Because light is EMR in the visible spectrum this process is visible to us in the Two Slit Experiment and this video explains the paradoxes of this experiment. This theory fits in with Einsteins theories on relativity because the individual atoms create their own spacetime geometry relative to their position and momentum therefore there is no universal time. The geometry of time is an innate property of matter whatever form or shape it takes. Each photon electron coupling will create its own symmetry around its point in spacetime. This can be observed either has a point in space over a period of time or has an area of space at a moment in time. But not has both therefore we have Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle and the paradoxes of quantum mechanics. In Quantum Atom Theory infinity is an actual reality of our Universe not a mathematical paradox. Infinity can always be divided into ever decreasing or increasing sets of infinities (Cantors continuum hypothesis) because each atom is creating its own
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Ghost Whisperer – Season 2 – The Ghost Within [Part 2/5]

A ghost who keeps causing an ornament to reappear is particularly challenging for Melinda to communicate with. For more goto:

Bizarre Foods & The Wild Within Premiere in January

Don’t miss the premiere of The Wild Within on Sunday, January 9 at 9pm, and tune in for the return of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Tuesday, January 18 at 9pm on Travel Channel. Visit:

Parte 3: The Ghost Within [T02E04] / Legendado

T = Temporada E = Episódio Depois de comprar diversos enfeites em um antiquário, Melinda descobre que eles estão assombrados. Melinda usa os enfeites para encontrar o fantasma de Dennis. Dennis quer que Melinda reúna sua namorada com a mãe verdadeira.
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Parte 5: The Ghost Within [T02E04] / Legendado

T = Temporada E = Episódio Depois de comprar diversos enfeites em um antiquário, Melinda descobre que eles estão assombrados. Melinda usa os enfeites para encontrar o fantasma de Dennis. Dennis quer que Melinda reúna sua namorada com a mãe verdadeira.
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