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Actual Pranks: Talking Facebook w/Microsoft Worker, Distracting Him From His Work (Part 3/3)

I keep asking for him to add me on facebook again. He also talks about how he’s addicted to Gears of War 2 and he would play it all night, every day if he can 0_o PART 1 LINK: PART 2 LINK: Follow me on Twitter:

wales prank (didnt work very well) lol.3GP

A prank that me and me m8 did lol but didnt work lol
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Angry black man prank – Pranksta man calls #4 ( work phone )

WE DO DO REQUEST ! if u think it is fake, why dont u try it bitch ?

Lowes Warehouse Fun at work

the store number is 1502 go to ull love it A video blog about pranking and goofing off at Lowes while i work. this is a fun video blog i did to help pass the time. Hope you enjoy please comment and rate and subscribe or i will eat your soul.
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Pranks that Just don’t Work: Drive Thru Jig Saw!

Some pranks just don’t work..this is one of them from the ever so small Datz Community ツ Send us Videos! or just inbox us one you uploaded hell we don’t care. Like us on FaceBook if you like updates on dumb shit. We have a Twitter as well for some reason.
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My Hiddden Camera at Work!!

Here goes my hidden camera again at work with unsuspecting victims, hehe. The agents on video are the trios, namely, Vanessa Maitim, Lovelyn Regner, and Catherine Tinampay. I pretended to insist on taking pictures of them, but all along, my film was rolling! But I did tell them at the end part of the video that I was filming. Oh well, there goes my victims again…hahaha. Makati City, Philippines March 28, 2008

your late to work?

Late due to a power outage
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Online Tips w/ Viiper – How does a soundboard work? Ft. ShapooK

LINK ——————————— We dont own this website or soundboard! Leave a like to show some love :) ShapooK ———————————————-
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Drunk kebab dude dances at work and gets fired

Some drunk dude puts on music while’s working and dances the night away. His boss tells him to get back to work but he ignores him completely.
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Volunteer Work PRANK! Please LIKE Share n Subscribe 4 More Vids! Thanks;) Boldly sees that theres a long line so he decides to “Volunteer”. The manager didn’t appreciate Boldly’s Volunteer work n calls Security. Boldly made a clean getaway! Subscribe! New pranks constantly on my page! Like & Share. Please Donate to BoldlyPoliPranks at Follow me On Add me on

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