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Tom Campbell NYC MBT Master Workshop 5/5

In part five, Tom answers the eternal questions “What is our existence all about”?, and “How are we connected”?, concluding this workshop. This scientific view of God is but another interpretation of what Lao Tzu as a poet, and the Buddha had to say about the nature of our reality. A physicist’s goal is to understand and model reality. In this workshop filmed in NYC in May 2010, Tom Campbell, author and experimental nuclear physicist, delivers the full and logical explanation of how his trilogy, My Big TOE, explains the foundations of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics as well as bridges the gap between physics and metaphysics. Tom’s unique qualifications as a scientist and an explorer of the larger reality have allowed him to gather, over the last 35 years, the information and evidence needed to unify physics and metaphysics, mind and matter, normal and paranormal. Science, cosmology, ontology, epistemology and theology are all integrated and explained within one scientific and logical theory of everything. In this video you will learn why the speed of light is a constant, why particles are probability distributions, why our reality is statistical and subjective, and how all of this is connected to the evolution of consciousness and to the purpose and significance of you. Content is from My Big TOE by Thomas Campbell

Quantum Mechanics of Photosynthetic Light Harvesting Machinery (Google Workshop on Quantum Biology)

Google Workshop on Quantum Biology Quantum Mechanics of Photosynthetic Light Harvesting Machinery Presented by Mohan Sarovar October 22, 2010 ABSTRACT After a brief discussion about the conditions required for quantum effects to be relevant in biological systems, I will focus on recent advances in our knowledge about the quantum nature of the primary processes in photosynthesis. I will review some of the experimental results and theoretical predictions regarding quantum aspects of the sophisticated molecular machinery behind photosynthesis, including coherent energy transfer and robust quantum entanglement. To conclude I will present a new direction of research that aims to harness the quantum properties of pigment-protein structures to create tunable and versatile light sensors and photovoltaic devices. About the speaker:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

People share experiences at Creation Lightship Workshop (NEWLIFE Expo)

People share their experiences and healings while visiting the Creation Lightship with Ron Amitron at a workshop at New Life Expo held at New Yorker Hotel October 21 2007 It was AMAZING! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Experience Amazing Interactive Healings/Clearings Available Online 24/7 at Amazing Healings/Clearings, Cutting edge Info on: Extraterrestrial/Aliens, 2012, Time-travel, Jesus, Horoscopes, and more… Learn the truth now! What is important to understand about 2012 vs. Ascension and free will? What is Timeline Crashing? Ron Amitron discusses present Extraterrestrial involvement in shaping our lives. What happens when you become involved with Time Travel, OBE, Vortexes, and Star Gates? Understand the effects of: Planetary-Zodiac influences, Mind Control Transmissions, Multiple Body Cloning, and the relationship of Future/Past/Parallel Lives to your current lifetime. Ron Amitron, Master Healer/Teacher presents new cutting edge Extraterrestrial information. Ron is the conduit for CLS specialized, in-depth clearings and healings. He brings to light the root cause of disease. Many Healing testimonials: Contact: Blessings to you —————————– Creation Lightship Healing Radio Shows: Receive cutting edge information plus live sample
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Loquendo – Tutorial para crear un mod de grafiti con TXD Workshop

Esta vez les traigo un tutorial que explica como hacer mods de grafitis con txd workshop, debido a que a muchos el GTXD no les funciona, está bien explicado, espero que les sirva, puntuen y suscribanse, es todo por ahora. El link de photoshop CS3 es este: pass: psylence pesa 82 mb al bajarlo pero descomprimido pesa 78mb, es portable.

Mobile Think Tank – Curriculum Development Workshop

Digital Media Center ‘s Mobile Think Tank Curriculum Development Workshop focused on using mobile devices in education. Topics covered included Mind Mapping and mobile apps, Skype to bring well known experts into the classroom, Poll Anywhere to easily get feedback using SMS, and Blackboard Learn for mobile devices. Workshop was led by Michelle Pacansky-Brock.

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