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Parakeet riding an Xmods Car

a short video of my very trusting parakeet rideing my Xmods car.
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all my xmods

all of my xmods please comment
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xmods collection #3!

CUSTOMED PAINT XMODS!!! edited by sebby
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XMODS RC Racing, Race For Education – The Challenge

Link: This was shot at the 2006 AtomicMods Race for Education in Indiana at the Columbus North High School. This was a race we sponsored and we were there all weekend, doing educational workshops, tuning tips and just hanging out with the racers. They use XMODS in the classroom to teach science, electronics, mechanics, and physics so they were very knowledgeable and very into the XMODS racing scene. We decided to allow one of the racers to drive Rob’s Nevada in the Modified classes. We didn’t want to just pick someone because that seemed unfair, so we had a qualifying race among the top drivers and this is it.

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