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[PRANK CALL] Nephew Tommy – Yall Cut The Wrong Yard

This is just a quick video that I put together because I thought it would be funny. Follow me on twitter: Add me on facebook: Check out the best damn tech blog in the world: More how-to, tips, tricks and tutorials coming at a later date.

Nephew Tommy Prank Phone Call: Christmas Yard Of The Year

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Longest Yard Bloopers

The Longest Yard Movie Bloopers Adam Sandler Bloopers Chris Rock Bloopers Burt ReynoldsBloopers keywords: really funny pranks funny movie bloopers crazy silly actors stupid shit dumb ass videos must see best pranks laugh a lot of fun comedy movie parody gag reel gags funny blooper outtakes
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Roy Wood Jr Prank Call- Clean Up That Yard

My second prank call on Audrey. I pranked her before (Ensley High School) She SNAPPED ON ME after I told her that her front yard wasn’t up to city code. to request that I do a prank on someone you know…

Roy Wood Jr- Clean Yo’ Yard Prank Call

Roy Wood Jr- Clean Yo’ Yard Prank Call
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Making a Boomerang from a Yard Stick

This video shows how to make a boomerang for throwing in a backyard with a Menards Yard Stick. We use 2/3 of the stick, so you can get 3 boomerangs from two yard sticks.
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Girls Prank Their Dad Outside in The Yard and inside The House (Funny Reality Video)

You know those prank videos on MTV? These two girls sure know how to prank their father with cold water real good. Their dad has been punked and he never saw any of thee pranks coming. These kids were pretty clever to have played this prank on their dad without him being too suspicious. See them play two water pranks on their father. First he is outside doing yard word and cleaning up some weeds and gets a surprise then he takes a shower and then something happens again. Of course the shower scene is protected by doors and closed curtains and the rule in this house is that a towel is to be worn before the shower curtain is opened. You want to know if these pranks are real? Here is some answers to some questions we had. Could you hear them talking when entering the bathroom? I often wear ear plugs if I am taking a long thorough shower and since we have a back room that is close to the bathroom the sounds will travel and it is hard to tell if one is actually in the bathroom or in the back room. The back room is separated by a shower wall as you can tell by hearing me yelling all the way in the other bathroom. Since my singing makes my kids laugh so often I ignore any sounds I may hear through the earplugs assuming I am entertaining them with my horrible singing. It seems planned when they had the keys conveniently located above the door. All our locking doors have those common keys that look like a little screw driver. We keep each key above the door where they belong. My
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Kimbo Slice and Casey Anthony Video Fist Fight Front yard

After a day filled with the wonders of the American Dream, Watching Seth Petruzelli Slice Kimbo. Lets not forget about the really important things in life, like redneck protester fist fights in the Anthony front yard.

Nathan scared of snake in the yard

Nathan screams when snake bites his swiffer

Spirits in my Front Yard!

I took a photo of an owl in a tree in my front yard and noticed a few faces popping out of the darkness.
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