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Yellow Pages Haircut Advert

The classic; Yellow Pages Haircut Advert!

Caution yellow tape car chase goes bad.

Dudley wakes up to find his car wrapped in caution yellow tape and drives off with it on .
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Yellow snow prank

Yellow snow prank its only a lil beer… You got punkd hahahaha
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Yellow Snow Girlfriend Shower Prank

While my girlfriend was getting ready for work I had the grand idea to dump some snow on her. i didn’t realize when I gathered the snow that is was yellow snow. Oops. FaceBook Twitter:

prank calls to random yellow book ppl

me n this girl i once knew decided to make pranks calls one day!! we used terminator, silvester stallon, n hank hill for the audio not our regular voices!! u can find these celebrity voices in CELEBRITY SOUNDBOARDS-REALM OF DARKNESS.NET
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Yellow Pages Prank in dorm room

At Nova Southeastern University, our friend Ben was gone for the weekend so we did this to his room. He had a roommate so we had to keep it on Ben’s side. idea credit goes to the ones who made the first video with the phone books in a kids room :)

Snake Bytes TV – Yellow Snake Trail

The colors of the rainbow and Dorothy needs to find her way home:) Hang with us at: Get stuff at or http Follow me at: or
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Yellow Lab Agility~Amber and Sweetie Pie

Michaela N Sweetie Pie’s Channel – Megan N Amber –
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Savannah’s Yellow Fever Tunnels

Behind the scenes investigation into the fact and fiction of one of Savannah’s most enduring legends. Explore a 19th century crypt beneath a pre-Victorian hospital. Yellow fever epidemics killed over 5000 Savannah residents in the 1800s.
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Odysseus Rev’s Shar Pei Yellow Lab mix

My crazy dog Odysseus. He’s a pretty smart dog when he wants to be. He’s a Shar Pei Yellow Lab mix. A lot of people think he’s a Pit Bull but he’s not. He wrestles around with my sisters pit bulls and holds his own but he’s one of the nicest dog’s you’ll see.
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