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Prank Call to Youth Pastor

Youth Pastor gets a strange call from a man complaining that he got sick from drinking the grape juice from the lords supper. Call made with
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Prank gone wrong! (2010 youth lock-in)

We tried pranking my friend Chris and we forgot about the part where he has really long arms! So it was a total fail moment for us! LOL
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Fonejacker – Youth Offender Applies for Job

Fonejacker pretends to be a young offender in Pentonville and applies for a job as a kitchen assistant.

How to Prank Your Youth Pastor

The definitive way of embarrassing your Youth Pastor, while becoming a hero to those around you.

Crazy youth group kids steal Oreo’s and hide in toy house

Some guys from my friends youth group went crazy at our lock-in… this is what happens when your running on to much sugar.
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Policy & prejudice ‘Casey Anthony Verdict encourages youth to Kill?’

Chris Stevenson take on Casey Anthony
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KwaZulu-Natal Youth Choir(South Africa)

Wernigerode, Germany, 2005
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Pennhurst – The Forgotten Youth

Sign the petition to save Pennhurst! Posts by Youtube users in the comments section do not necessarily reflect the views of Preserve Pennhurst/
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YOUTH FOR CHRIST, SAMOA…Jesus Raises Lazarus From the Dead

Youth for Christ, Samoa performed this skit at Kelston Girls Gym, Kelston Auckland NZ 2009…awesome performance and a blessing. There will be some more of thier items posted soon…enjoy

Nepali Youth Enters Guinness Book

A Nepalese man earned himself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records by holding 21 lawn tennis balls in his palm for a record 14.32 seconds. Rohit Timalsina broke the previous record of a French national Arnand Deschamp who had held 19 tennis balls for 10 seconds. Rohit had been practicing for three years to master the art before he could make the new record. He says the government should promote such acts. [Rohit Timalsina, Record Breaker]: “It’s a very tough task. I worked very hard. So I think the government should encourage and help those who try to do things differently. A schoolteacher by profession, Timalsina is also a karate black belt holder. His desire to be different from the normal lot inspires him to do things differently. He has walked on burning embers and broken more than 100 eggs with a fingertip. [Rohit Timalsina, Record Breaker]: “I want to do different things than a normal person does. I write with my left hand. But it does not mean I can’t write with my right hand. I can write with both my hands. Timalsina had publicly demonstrated his skills in June 2008, and his feat was finally recognized eight months later in January 2009. [Rohit Timalsina, Record Breaker]: “Tennis balls should be put one after the other in the palm. All the balls should not be put at the same time. I can hold more than 25 tennis balls in my palm. Timalsina’s name will be published in the 2010-11 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.
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