El Toro POV

This is another pov of the El Toro rollercoaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. Note: It is against strict park rules to bring camera’s on board any ride/attraction. It is for the safety of everyone. The only reason this video was posted (not mine) Was because there weren’t any El Toro POVs on Youtube. I would never break park rules, as they can injure or kill you if not followed.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • tobelavanchacw2052:

    Be careful…If you have a bad back, you might need a chiropractor appointment after this. This gets bumpy!

    Also – I just got lucky, and hacked a 6 flags promo for 4 tickeets. Take a look at my video on how get them, it got me 2 full sets so far. Use it while its still working.

  • brendonian:

    Probably the fastest and most exhilarating wooden coaster I’ve ever ridden. (Also, surprisingly smooth). It definitely has a spot among my top 10 favorite coasters, and that’s saying something as I’ve toured the country going on theme park resort vacations.

  • admx94:

    I think i find this ride scarier than Kingda Ka sometimes…I mean…. I black out on this ride after the first drop everytime… too mny Gs but its AWESOME. Kingda Ka is SCARY, don’t get me wrong, but its because of the terrifying launch. Think- space shuttle… Other than that its just rough because of the immense speed.

  • missbassoon1992:

    @lampshades120 that’s my favorite part as well. you know it’s coming but it always surprises ya by the force. XD it’s awesome.

  • shiningstars109:

    @Cavin21 You can find a ride similar to almost every ride in existence. The point is that they’re not clones.

  • Cavin21:


    not so fast, you sheep! All those you can find elsewhere and are just slightly different.

  • shiningstars109:

    @Cavin21 Oh, and Rolling Thunder too.

  • shiningstars109:

    @Cavin21 Except for Kingda Ka, Nitro, Skull Mountain, & Run Away Mine Train.
    Do your research.

  • JenJenL89:

    I LOVE this ride, ill never get tired of it! one time i went when the park was kinda empty and got on it 5 times in a row!

  • greenxeyedxcutie:

    El Toro was my first roller coaster.
    Me: Woo! My first ride! (gets into the seat and straps in)
    (Roller coaster starts)
    Friend: You know what El Toro stands for?
    Me: …. No, what?
    Friend. The Bull.
    Me: Oh.. shit… (We reach the top of the drop) O.O

  • lampshades120:


  • Cavin21:

    Toro is great, the only independent ride in the park. all other big coasters are just copies that you see all over the country in different parks, they just have a different name and color for each of them.

  • rfgstl:

    @TheSubwayMustango > It is intense, but a thrilling/fun type of intense. It gets your adrenaline going for sure…you walk off this ride and are pumped for the rest of the day :)

  • DoomsdayR3sistance:

    @kimmijrockdork yes, comments, stupid comments.

  • kimmijrockdork:

    @DoomsdayR3sistance No you getting angry over something stupid

  • DoomsdayR3sistance:

    what’s sad is people trying to fed their ego by making their oh so “brilliant” statements what just looking like idiots because they hadn’t bothered to even read properly from the start.

  • kimmijrockdork:

    @DoomsdayR3sistance Well if stuff like this is causing you headaches thats pretty sad

  • DoomsdayR3sistance:

    @kimmijrockdork With no official word of a reopen date and it NOT being currently in operation means that means “Colossos is now the fastest and tallest Wooden Rollercoaster”. If it reopens it will take back the title but with no word and no operation it doesn’t count. So don’t think I should just shut up when you are the guys all being stupid/ignorant and causing me headaches because none of you bloody read my posts properly and kept bring up things I had already answered.

  • kimmijrockdork:

    @DoomsdayR3sistance Um actually Son of Beast is just closed for right now and the future has not been said yet. There are rumors that it will reopen this summer so yeah. Just shut up >.>

  • DudeDie222:

    @kermitdefrog123 Anyway, as California Screamin’ is steel and not wood, Wikipedia lies…

  • DoomsdayR3sistance:

    @kimmijrockdork Look, can you guys stop being idiots. I mean, don’t you guys even BOTHER to READ? Just read the following line

    “Colossos is now the fastest and tallest Wooden Rollercoaster as Son of Beast is no longer in operation”

    So stop trying to look good on the Internet, you guys are doing nothing but annoying me because you aren’t even bothering to read what I have actually written! You aren’t looking cool, you are looking stupid.

  • kimmijrockdork:

    @DoomsdayR3sistance Ohhh and just one more thing Son of Beast is the fastest wooden coaster in the world in Ohio goes 79 mph

  • kimmijrockdork:

    @DoomsdayR3sistance Oh and by the way Colossos only goes 4 mph faster then El Toro ohhh so fast… >.>

  • kimmijrockdork:

    @DoomsdayR3sistance Does it really matter whats the fastest when all it does is hurt your face? >.>

  • GameGuy543:

    best ride at the park! think they should make another one

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