Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough Part 14 / Special Cup 2/4

Mario Kart Wii Walkthrough Part 14 / Moonview Highway Yeah not one of my best runs of this course, I got ran over by a truck on the first lap which i don’t even think i touched, the second lap wasn’t that bad but i almost had a heart attack when that car almost hit me and the third lap i got taken for a ride when i messed up not dodging the POW block then i got hit by a blue shell then i was hit by lightning! Not my best run XD! if you think you can beat my time trial record then make a video response of you doing so! Hope you enjoy! Time Trial / Moonview Highway Record: 2:00.967 If you liked this part, Make it as a Favorite, Subscribe to be able to catch up on the newest stuff on my walkthroughs, Rate and Leave a comment if you have a problem getting through a part, And please if you do leave a comment, No cussing. Part 13: Part 15:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

this is another glitch that i found while playing oblivion.I found this glitch when i was on my shadowmere coming through a field and then i got off the horse to fight some things when i got hit by lightning bolts and somehow got hit out of my body.I then killed the enemies and stared at my body on the ground,shadowmere ran away & i lost her. I was then walking and then i saw my body standing up,i was able to make it move around and take out its sword though so,heres the video of that…

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