In Search Of Ancient Mysteries (1975) (Part 3 of 6)

The second “pilot” documentary in the In Search Of series; In Search of Ancient Mysteries (1975). Based on the book In Search of Ancient Mysteries by Alan and Sally Landsburg, narrated by Rod Serling. Related Links: In Search of… Ancient astronaut theories Vimana (ufos in Hindu scripture) UFOs in the Bible (video) Ancient Alien Architects Pt 1 (video) Sigils, Magick, and the Ancient Alien Torah by Steve Willner (video) Skeptics take on ancient astronaut theory

4 Responses to “In Search Of Ancient Mysteries (1975) (Part 3 of 6)”

  • mindonatrip:

    probs the inspiration for that picture was it actually happening (LOL)

  • Thundralight:

    But to cut a stone that fits with such percision that shows a pretty advanced civilazation .. I have a bad feeling that there may be cyclic cataclysims as the flood story that devastated the planet is in most all cultures seperated by time and continants. The India Vedas speak of weapons that destroy cities and flying machines even as far as instructions on how to build them. this is one of the oldest written text we have except for the Sumerian tablets

  • PaulUmbarger:

    @Thundralight Possible. Not the most likely but, possible. Personally, I think that humans are more than capable of cutting stones to fit. Grinding works on stones like sanding does on wood. Large drawings can be done by scaling up a grid. The many cultures with similar legends could be based on the fact that we’re the same species with the same fears and dreams. Kind of like how psychology works no matter where you’re from.

  • Thundralight:

    civilizations jould just get wiped out by cataclysims.and knowledge is lost and is passed on by the remment orally Kala yuga speaks of cycles of time of high tech and times of dark ages

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