Michio Kaku: UFOs are real

[Sorry for the bad video quality and out of sync audio but MSNBC is not available in Europe so i had to capture it from an unofficial web live stream] Michio Kaku stresses that there is a number of UFO cases which cannot be identified as a cause of natural phenomenons or human technology. He also states that we should open our minds to the possibility of other civilizations that are thousands or millions of years ahead of us. Leslie Kean: UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record. 2001. Crown.: www.amazon.com Kaku’s announcement of this interview: www.facebook.com
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25 Responses to “Michio Kaku: UFOs are real”

  • 8DUNEMAN8:

    Michio Kaku is bad ass!!!!

  • ASithTheyCalledEmo:

    @hector8960 I think you’re using UFO synonymously with Alien Spacecrafts. Which is not what is being said.

  • TheBassplayah:

    I do not believe in UFO’s…if every “UFO” was coming here that we claim to see we’d have traffic far more visible in outer space, and every generations UFO’s look like the generations understanding of UFO’s….and if the US Gov knew we had that much traffic coming here theyd already have a toll booth and a McDonalds up there. I think the key word here is unidentified…and thats all it is for now…like the Yeti, and the Loch Ness Monster, all fanaticism, every picture is grainy and unproven

  • johnz281994:

    The passion in his voice when he talks is amazing. Need more people like Michio Kaku

  • hector8960:

    Mr. Kaku please be intelligent. A UFO being real because a general, or pilot said so is just as real as flying witches because a President or Senator has also said so.

  • hector8960:

    And to think I used to respect this Mr. Kaku as a scientist and professor. What a dupe! I guess Science Fiction and naive speculation are more profitable and rewarding to his great ego than the discipline, rigour and humility of the true scientist. This Mr. Kaku is just creating Media marketing products at the expense of scientific progress and understanding.

  • ClarksonsinUSA:

    How about US drones ,that can turn in ways that would kill a human pilot……????

  • Enejac:

    does he say “hard balls” at the end lol?

  • splashlog01:

    RIP sandj777
    1995 – 2011

    “He’s screaming up at us”

  • goblin072:

    Metal rich because they are secondary starts. Primary stars contain no metals, not until they go nova.
    Metal rich have the ingredients for life, planets are metal rich etc.
    In terms of age our Sun is at the bottom 20 percent in terms of age. Which means 80 percent of the stars are older than ours. So if there is life out there, it has up to a billion year head start on us. And 80 percent of those metal stars are older than ours. Think about that for a bit.

  • goblin072:

    It could be time travel but that is just one of many theories. You need to read through the data that is out there right now, all of it. Do that and your ability to predict will be increased.

    Take one astronomy course at a university and get a feel for how large things are. How big it is.
    Also keep in mind that we did do a rough estimate of the age of Stars in a portion of the Milkyway (Our galaxy) They were looking for metal rich stars. Why?

  • cusanusnicolas:

    Interdimensional, forget the DNA, not space folk, not from other planets, but real, yep.

  • Gergith:

    This interviewer clearly has no clue who Dr Michio Kaku is :p

    He outright asked him if he was a ufologist :p This is one of the most prominent physicists of our day :p do a little research!

  • NUGNESS123:

    @Gioxtream ur fucking retarded

  • sandj777:

    So out of sync, that it gave me cancer.

  • PeterTheSAGAFan:

    It’s great to see a scientist take this subject seriously and actually reading and looking at research that has been done by expert investigators. Explaining the unexplained 5% cases with aliens is known as the ET hypothesis. Like Mr. Kaku said, we need the DNA and physical object to prove that. To claim it’s not hapenning or that alien visitation is a physical impossibility is pure non sense. For those of you not open to this possibility, get ready, more is coming…

  • moscosmos1989:

    Ok so there’s 5% that is unexplained – so genuinely UFO’s – (that is Unidentified Flying Objects)

    So don’t go and try identify them by suggesting they’re flying sorcerers from outer space, or that they’re aliens. For fucks sake people.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!

  • Gioxtream:

    Hey! DR. Michiu Kaku. I can cut my right ball that in the next 10 to 15 years we will have a close encounter of the 3d kind. Deal?

  • Gioxtream:

    I think he mean 95% are Real and 5 % are fake. Anyway. For the morons out there.Investigate this:

    The sumerians ( 300% civilization existed for real)
    Rosewell case.
    Case Mcperson.(Full Family Snatched)
    Books from sacariah Sitchin. One of the best Scientifics around on the subject.
    Videos of real UFO s by Jaime Mausan.

    Project Blue been.
    And many others.
    Nibiru and the Anunakis.

    Giants really walked this planet .(Check the bible for reference)
    And many..many others.

  • Gioxtream:

    I can not believe that Dr. Michio Kaku just believe in the posibility of 5% unexplain it?

    What an Idiot!!! UFO’s Are 200 % Real. They are hiding the Info.Otherwise….why any President can not go underground to the many military facilities? What are we hiding? Maybe aliens..Usually nothing done behind doors is good.

    I would love to see Dr. Michiu Kaku on the Sumerian subject. To see if he is really a Scientific or a Joke. Dont mislead the People Michiu Kaku !!!!!!!

  • ZoamChomsky:


    Assuming that easily explained “UFO” reports–and the well-understood “UFO” myth and collective delusion–have anything to do with hypothetical ETI isn’t logical since there is no veracious evidence of a connection between the two. That’s the importance of all cases being explained thoroughly. How did you get the idea–the false belief–that they are? Think about it before you answer. I’d like to know as FACT that ET was visiting Earth, but it’s simply not true. Too bad

  • DebateMeTheists:

    @Battery9876 yup its cool isn’t it. but a lot of them are just theories brought around by maths. it will take a while before we can test them.

  • FoetusInYourNoodles:

    uhhh what? Your a fucking idiot LOL, it has everything to do with UFO reports, and how people are reacting to them, like take you for example, “There’s not one case that hasn’t been explained thoroughly.” LOL… Denial.. ?

  • Battery9876:

    @FoetusInYourNoodles You don’t even mention the possibility of a multiverse, which more and more scientists take seriously – see latest book from Hawking for instance -. It is even possible that the number of universes be infinite in the multiverse..

  • ZoamChomsky:


    And all of that has what to do with “UFO” reports?

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