UFO over San Francisco Bay

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25 Responses to “UFO over San Francisco Bay”

  • MrUr3rdEye:

    WARNING! These are not UFO’s of extraterrestrial life, although they do exist… These are plasma balls the government can now control. They have been experimenting with these plasma balls for the last 5 or 6 years. They can jam radar, modify weather, cause earthquakes etc. These are by far not friendly… They work with HAARP, Project bluebeam, and Chemtrails. Some people can get fairly close to these plasma balls(DON’T EVER TOUCH PLASMA AS YOU WILL DIE INSTANTLY)!

  • silversurfers7:

    …These ‘balls of light’ (I have seen many-a-time too) have been seen/videoed all over the world on a daily bases. The governments in most countries are well aware of them, and have been for a very long time! The mass, (us, the people) just have to find out ourselves! Like we have always, have had to!


    we see these quite a lot over south wales, normally about 6-9 off them , they a white in daylight, but glow orangey red at night.

  • JoeyPencils:

    @pottstown1 u mean galiens

  • rdavm:

    @RcUniverseGuy I just tell you the truth thats my job.

  • RcUniverseGuy:

    @rdavm your a fuckin moron dude honestly…

  • pottstown1:

    i bet there gay aliens

  • Ecuabriel:

    look out! fireflies!

  • rdavm:

    That is Beamships. When theyr G-compensating field is on its not possible to se if it is Pleiadian Beamships or whatever, however one thing is very sure and that is that it is members of the Galaxtic Federation that is flying these Beamships…

  • KarinKarbanova:

    To whom took this record,
    why should be insane????
    Let put your ego and intellect behind u – this is only way, how u can understand all these things…Ego and wisdom aren’t good guides…

  • Th2EyA0rEa1MoN2gUs:

    great footage

  • cheatguru2173:

    maybe they’re fireflies

  • AdamMoss13:

    well San Fransisco is the HQ for Star Fleet

  • komokoro:

    seagulls don’t glow.. also birds tend to have wings that are larger than their body.. If you can clearly see the body in a distant then you must also be able to see the wings. In this case the wings are absent..

  • Piano316James:

    OMG ! i saw one of this thing too !
    over my house in Lebanon ,Beirut !
    Jesus, UFO !
    were gona be invaded by aliens people !:( !!!! I DONN WANA DIE ! i wana get married and have kids too !:( im young .you know!! its like so unfair 😛 why my mom got to get married and bring me :O and me not ?:O:P hahaahah rofl !…..NOT FUNNY ! this is serious shit people ..serious shit ! . Lets get into BIZNESS ! ; ) and give the aliens some fashion tips:P.

  • OneBrokenWalkthrough:

    Dude, The Eighteenth of November I was on holiday in san francisco and i was near that bay, but i didn’t see this??

  • BlazenBrian:

    look at the size of the city and how fast their flying around I’ve hunted pheasents for many years and there is no bird that can fly that fast

  • MJakubiec:

    Wow What a Video! i think that really did happen! That would make me get the goosebumps all over!

  • jassboom:

    the suckish thing about ur vids is the sound but i belive that there we are not alone

  • HoofandHorn:

    so, what all these people are saying is that hazy or out of focus ufo videos are of mundane objects and clearly visible ufo videos are fake? maybe you naysayers need to get up from your computers and get outside for a while. have a look for yourself and stop talking shit. these orbs are everywhere.

  • Zizlick:

    This is seagulls flying around in San Francisco Bay.. so the video is not fake but the title is. the reason it looks like the disapear and reapear is the angle of the sun and the seagulls flying around with wings bashing, that and the suns reflection in the sun, and its a foggy day.. alot of water in the air that sunlight hits once a while. somehing of all that.. and your settings of the camera.

  • frenchy4001:

    i did see something really simillar and i dont have nerd effect eyes…

  • whitewidow777:

    well for most ppl “definitive” footage would have to be aired on major TV channels to be taken serious by the public…. if it was just on utube or online ppl would just brush it off as another fake

  • hidrocalidoboricua:

    Have you any other witnesses in your area? Of course some one else saw it if it’s true

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