WRITE THEM!!! They don’t want you to contact them, here’s how: CEO, Randall L. Stephenson 175 E. Houston St. PO Box 2933 San Antonio, TX 78299-2933 so i gave up my land line back in sept. and now since january they send me notices every week how i was a valued customer and they want me back…..BULL!!! i’m sending them the letter i read… assholes….
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25 Responses to “AT&T SUCKS”

  • mb28p:

    shes cute id pay her at&t bill anytime

  • FatalFrameFan645:

    I hate them too they we saying i was using internet even know i wasn’t … FUCK YOU AT&t :(

  • cvbcbcmv:

    It may feel good to write rudely to them, but it doesn’t help. They don’t give a shit if you call them fuckers or not. If you just simply state your point, your more likely to get what you want. The rant videos are great though. You have no idea how many times I said, so true.

  • crazychickenteryaki:

    @upubemaget maybe if you didnt have shit credit they wouldnt ask for a deposit.. thats ur fault not theirs.. and newsflash EVERY company will ask for this

  • TheZachVlogs:

    The iPhone = The only reason why anyone ever went to AT&T in the first place.

    Now that it’s on Verizon Wireless, AT&T starts to decline because its customers are migrating to Verizon, regardless of the termination fee.

    So, what does AT&T do? It buys out T-Mobile, thereby screwing over millions of more people! They bought it for $39 Billion! And you’d think that they’d use that $39 billion to actually IMPROVE their network and get customer service that actually HELPS you when you need it!!

  • iMeboTube:

    i love att still:)

  • redviper2GAMER:

    Yahhh. ATT sucks. That bitch. Labonte has race car. Bastards. You paid for it smooth sailing hope my bill goes away. Bitch.

  • IBMX4LIFE1000:

    Hahahahaha funniest shot ive ever seen though I agree AT&T can suck my left testicle

  • MartyBG:

    SO WHAT, I’m getting out of T-Mobile too, I fu**ing hate AT&T so bad, they suck suck suck suck suck suck, I’m switching to SPRINT, about the video +1 good job girl, that the truth!

  • sports725:

    There not anymore because they bought T-mobile! And I never had a problem with them!

  • Dean1806:

    shes correct

  • kindahokey:

    this rant just has too much senseless counter productive cussing i hate AT&T too though

  • SeasaCleaus:

    they told me it’ll be changed in the next 2~3 months. Guess what, never happened

  • JumpinJellies8D:

    Man….I was going to change to AT&T to escape stupid Verizon. But now…I see they all have problems. Sigh. When are they going to provide us with acutal service? SHEEESH>

  • JumpinJellies8D:

    @bbwtickler Well then…that sounds like a problem for THEM. Why should we pay EXTRA for that hmm? HMMMM? Yah… no.

  • JumpinJellies8D:

    @oevilone I SO feel for you. Why the hell do we have to pay EXTRA for STANDARD. Do your jobs service providers! So stupid. OH SO STUPID.

  • Att8728:

    @dpotent2 i agree and i used to be with verizon but i swiched to att cuase they had the iphone why didnt i just wait 6 months till the iphone came to verizon

  • dpotent2:

    AT&T sucks. They have fukin spotty coverage, and it just sucks. What this video said is absolutely true. If your switching from a network don’t and I repeat. Don’t go to AT&T. Goto verizon. The most RELIABLE provider. Ya. Trust me Verizon is MUCH BETTER. Don’t start with AT&T.

  • leom760442:

    January 27, 2011 AT&T the biggest Telecom company said it added 2.8 million subscribers on a net basis, for a total of 95.5 million. That puts the company above Verizon Communications (VZ), which added just 955,000 subs, it said Monday, to end up with 94 million. The company said it was its best quarter ever for net subscriber additions. AT&T now number one wireless company.


    Fuck AT&T and all their employees.

  • kflores6:

    Ur rant funny. E

  • Blacckkfire:

    AT&T, I love your phone servise, but I HATE your internet. I switched back to my original

  • GaGaRMW:

    Haha your so funny and I sorta admire you but guys note she said HQ in San Antonio well HQ is now in Dallas and it’s been that way for awhile I know because my mom works for ATT as one that fixes the orders and well no HQ here

  • TheSideWays2000frien:

    At&t sucked when my family switched to at&t from Centennial Wireless because too many people from Centennial Wireless were switching.. After that, my family has no problem with at&t!

  • Soniczeldaking:

    Brand new computer.
    We get At&t for Internet connection.


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