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  • MojoExodus:

    @chadjconnell go eff yourself.

  • jobeck37:

    @samoska31 . I’ve been a prem tech for 4 years. Don’ t ever speak as if this job is anything other than inhumane.

  • turbowagovan:

    i just got home from a cx repair who demanded a cat5 hrun,just called and demanded i drive 50 miles to switch him back to coax because his netflix wont stream, 3700ft w 179ft tap lol

  • saga8six:

    I’m in mississippi we are non union and I dont feel like we are getting that raw of a deal good pay plenty of time with family. I dont want to do any of the ft/st work. As far as I’m concerned we need them and they need us.

  • samoska31:

    what’s the matter? don’t like to work for a living? I love overtime, keep bitching and turning it down, and complaining about working late, that is why you get fired, have a shitty resume, make shitty starting wages and can’t pay your bills. Don’t get me wrong, the job isn’t easy, and I couldn’t even imagine non-union, but work is work my friends, it’s not fun, and the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. But I will be fair, like I said before, non-union, i can’t speak for you

  • krillikwlb:

    @chadjconnell fuck you bitch.

  • lordvicadin:

    prem techs in ga are nonunion and it kinda sux .. average of 15:$ an hour is crazy for this kind of stuff. guess we are lucky we dont run fiber tothe home huh

  • lordvicadin:

    prem techs in ga are nonunion and it kinda sux .. average of 15:$ an hour is crazy for this kind of stuff.

  • sftech6:

    well , those bastards fired me an a third of our work force to make room for you prem techs.. enjoy that douche bag company.

  • bluechevy1993:

    BBT’s are BS, get fired for failure to run them for 1 damn day, on a Add-A-Voip, no union help, south tx

  • chadjconnell:

    Trust me- we do not want u prem techs doing anymore of our work. Almost everyone one of you have proven you are worth the pay you get.

  • curry10:

    Could be worse for all of you!! You could be MANAGEMENT!!

  • James1toknow:

    WOW I ‘m at R10 =0 and I10=0 ,,,, so much for complaining,,,hehehehe

  • IndianaAbsentee:

    @Keith2017 you shouldn’t have taken the job if it’s non-union. Scab.

  • Keith2017:

    Here’s a kicker for ya Union Prem’s….try being a Prem Tech in Ga. WE HAVE NO UNION…everytime “the world’s largest telecommunication’s company” wants to launch a new version of GCAS WE’RE THE GUINEA PIGS..Oh and just found out last night he new percentile for repeats on R10’s is 3%!!!

  • dizzyhater2007:

    I can truly say that being a prem tech cost me my wife and my home and then when I took some time off the got rid of me with a made up excuse under the code of business conduct

  • domingoflores:

    vote no

  • sistergrim1:

    LMAO! this is the first time I have laughed in a long time, well at least since my hire date, even with the yummy meds my shrink gives me.
    Wait, I got to JEP a 7.45 today in an FTTP because the member did not want that ‘BOX” on her house, she also pointed to the electric meter base and wanted it gone, I just said good luck with that. THAT made me laugh a little on the inside.

  • domingoflores:

    i had a grievance meeting with a third im really curious of how much they get paid. what was it called like feudalism or some shit hahahahah jp… your response is exactly what i mean…someone in there is a coward and probably wouldn’t last a day in the field, imagine a month with the same pay… im not sure where all this billions go to but its definitely a huge piece of bread and no one wants to share

  • expostfactum:

    the Union does have the power…we just need to get that IDIOT Cohen the hell out of office. He is the weak link in the chain. Hopefully District 6,3 and 1 will vote down any contract and force that gutless coward to call a strike!!

  • domingoflores:

    lets strike already..only if the union had the power. cough cough…

  • Chicago26000:

    lollllllllllllllllll……the best one number1 , man they want us to clean there shit ….i hate this job but what i can do there is no more jobs available..we stuck with this one so far

  • ohioscott1:

    vote no on tenitive agreement, if they wont bring the prem tech into the core , then dont let them dissolve more core work to the prem tech,

  • digio077:

    Oh and last but not least… We will pick up your dry cleaning when we’re done!

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