uverse pixelation

this demonstates how pixelated it is

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  • Towncrier1000:

    If you’re using an AV amp and look at the amp’s LED display, I think you’ll find the pixelation occurs when the amp switches back and forth from digital to sat/cable setting. In your YouTube video, you can hear the sound cutting off, which is occurring when the singles are changing back and forth. You have to adjust the settings on the amp and you’ll no longer have the problem.

  • 1127felix:

    wow i install fios and seems like u att techs r makin this more difficult than it needs to be. i had a gateway dropping and after 5 att techs and so called supervisor i isolated trouble to bad ground and i was the customer. fios is superior.

  • James1toknow:

    @lisamscott1218 You have to be kidding,, Well for the most part it’s because I don’t work there anymore, LOL. I’ll need you to describe to me some things so if you want this to work get back to me and I’ll help Ya I was very good at fixing chronic troubles but at&t said I took to long, LOL long story, but get back with me and I’ll find your problem and get this narrowed down. This is a very finicky service when I installed it people loved it. I would really like to know how yours was installed.

  • lisamscott1218:

    @James1toknow I just got U-Verse 2 weeks ago and have had countless techs out and this keeps occurring — how the heck does it get fixed? I would of thought they’d have most of this ironed out by now…

  • James1toknow:

    Here is the ticket You message me if you can’t get the at&t tech to fix your problem. LOL I dare ya I don’t even work there anymore and people used to call me at home to fix this stuff, 21years telecom and network experience! LOL

  • James1toknow:

    @LambofGarrett NO, NO, NO< NO. 19 Meg is 19 meg and 25 is 25 and so on you can't retrain a signal ,,, LOL resetting it Yes, but not retrain LOL Read the JDSU test results and look at the History. I don't even work there anymore and I know more than the techs that work there LOL 21 years Telecom, you guys just take the cake. Yeah it's the muffler bearings right! LOL

  • James1toknow:

    @dinuguan510 No he is most likly suffing FEC errors or UAS of SAS errors and I was great at finding the problems and fixing them, NO MORE U_WORST. I’m letting them dig there own hole now!

  • James1toknow:

    The problem with this service is MANY factors CABLE plant outside and DISTANCE from Cross Box and The install itself, not mention REFURB equipment. I was the Go to Guy on this service for a long time I have over 21 years Telecom Experience. The problem is Limits, I can say this if your having a problem with this service then you have had many techs that can’t read and interpret the tests results. I no longer have to deal with the HEADACHS. Convergent services have PIT falls.

  • yokoiscalling:

    NO! call 866 912 8216
    to avoid voice prompts!

  • Gushered:

    @LambofGarrett retrain VDSL?! right tell the cus that and it will save an I10 or R10 Dumb ass!!!! its un changed tips and poor quality coax !

  • kkimmel85:

    i work for uverse too and i will tell you that it IS possible to use all the bandwidth that is why when you get to many wireless computers going all at the same time it will cause the tvs to freeze

  • DumbestCrayon:

    I work for U-verse and I can tell you that it is not possible to use all of your bandwidth. Specific amounts of bandwidth are allocated for your TV service just for that reason. each service has its own allocation. If you’re watching 2 HD streams your internet speed is dropped to 6m to give your TV service more bandwidth. The issue with the pixelation is simple and can be fixed very easily. If anybody has this issue they need a tech to check the lines. Call 800 288 2020 and ask for Tier 2.

  • DiscountKiller:

    Wow. someone with a brain made a comment! Good comment man. I work for Comcast as an installer/service tech; granted I don’t know much about Uverse other than I do many buy back installs of customers who disliked there service. And for the record, I hate lazy techs.

  • joeldude76:

    i love u verse its awesome

  • bigbadgreen:

    I recently had uverse installed and it’s nowhere even close to this bad. I’ve been watching football, soccer and racing with no issues. I’ve also been recording a second hd signal at the same time and on the internet while my wife is on the phone (uverse digitasl voice) with no issues. You are either at the very end of the lines from your vrad or are using all of your bandwidth through other means. check that out.

  • zx6rman96:

    prob had a lazy tech that didnt change any coax ends or wallplates…maybe didnt ID all your cable and still have multiple lines hooked up that arent being used by uverse..RG homerun might have a splitter on it or bad barrel if your rg is fed on coax along with your stb’s. uncompressed fittings will do it, braid wrapped around the copper stinger will def do it. see if the barrel on your wall plate is blue

  • dinuguan510:

    My brother-in-law has U-verse and his doesn’t stutter this bad, but he does get a LOT of pixelation, especially with any fast moving content on the screen. It’s obviously just a lack of bandwidth, whether it’s HD or SD. HD content looks like shit. DirecTV trumps all providers.

  • LambofGarrett:

    Call and ask them to retrain your VDSL… they will know what it means.

    Pixelation is often caused by your Residential Gateway attempting to connect in a better way even though it doesn’t need to.

    Retraining the VDSL will fix it.

  • jerrytimes:

    A friend of mine has all new cabling with their U-Verse. He has this problem

  • StrokedGT:

    wrong, rebooting the RG will not fix a bad splitter. Connect the box with a cat5 cable and im sure the problem will go away. if so, the problem lies in the coax feeding your box

  • outlaw45cal:

    time warner has been doing this same shit for years, every person I know that has digital cable

  • ChardsKitchen:

    This is bob
    Copy and paste bob and watch him take over youtube

  • maluminse1:

    your rg probably hasnt been rebooted in months. or your cable box. uverse is all based on computers. your rg and your cable box have to be periodically rebooted to clear errors just like your pc.

  • paulninjt:

    if you have concerns just call 866-288-2020 hahahahahahaha

  • James1toknow:

    We will find the problems, trust me.

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