Fedor Emelianenko on Sports Science

The power of choke. This video had more about 2 minutes, but YouTube didn’t accept it , so I cut the last 2 minutes.
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25 Responses to “Fedor Emelianenko on Sports Science”

  • johnsav14:

    silly mortals, i dont understand what your saying …

  • ShankDaddyX:

    thats a small snake -_-

  • jbeard100:

    @Xfile9 haha, he’d take that snake and smash its little head on the ground like a whip

  • Squek22:

    @sirollus u dum brah, Werdum is trash

  • RayMathias:

    @sirollus Fedors record 32 wins to 2 loses. Fedor is better than Werdrum

  • EnGrazpaz:

    Fuck you sirollus

  • TauZeoN:


  • Malk64:

    @sirollus Werdum didn’t “owned” anyone.

    In 10 seconds, Fedor landed a punch, Werdum went down, then Fedor was careless and let Werdum catch him in a triangle choke.

    Wait a bit, and you’ll see Werdum destroyed by Overeem.

  • jdumars:


    I attack trollers or a-holes from time to time, yes. I never dispute that, I admit that all the time. Go look at my original message, nothing trolling about it until you’re boy went all apeshit for no reason. He was attacking someone else too, u goof. Get your facts straight. Regardless, its already over, days ago, and you decided to bring it back? Do you honestly think I value the opinion of a kid on the internet that sticks his nose up for a troll? You’ve got a lot to learn boy

  • labcabin7:

    Ukraine Pride all day!

  • sirollus:

    werdum owned him in less than 1 minute…so..stop the show gringo losers

  • 777dok:

    Fedor Emelianenko – Best of the best !!

  • OnePunch89:


    Don’t you realize that you are trolling? Look at your responses. I’m not that dude on a different account by the way. I’m just a guy who thinks you’re a loser and a troll. Grow up.

  • jdumars:


    Who’s the fucking loser for digging up a dead horse? You want to see some class? Go attack 13Doses, you fucking moron, he’s the troll. But you’re probably the same dude anyway. News flash, we’re all on a computer when surfing the internet, you idiot. God, another 21 year old kid who doesn’t like it when someone calls out their trolling.

  • Wargrin:

    Bullshit! no brown bear could choke like fedor!

    Actually, I think the snake got cheated because a snake will not use “maximum force” on a dead rat. Give it a struggling antelope.

  • OnePunch89:

    @jdumars You’re a fucking loser. Keep hiding behind your computer. Show some class bro.

  • murderousbutterfly:

    What about all the forearm chokes that Fedor does?

  • mctpanther:

    watch 10:11 fedor doesnt even choke with the real technique. he knows he wont need it. this really shows the difference between an mma fighter and an ordinary guy. u shouldnt fight such a guy if u r not pro!!

  • 13Doses:

    @jdumars Lol fatty boy

  • jdumars:


    LOL, keep replying. Its so funny!!!!! Try to send 3 messages next time and act like you’re not obsessed with mine. I’m actually not sure now if you’re hypocrisy is deliberate as a joke or you really are that retarded. I’m flattered that you admit going on youtube daily to see if I replied to you. HAHAHAHAH. Holy shit, fucking LMAO!

  • 100tonlifter:

    Eventually they’re gonna be like “the fuck with humans…we’re putting an Alaskan brown bear in with Fedor. We’ll call it America vs Russia”

  • 13Doses:

    @jdumars BTW i know your a real fan, real fans dont usually exercise or compete, they just sit here replying to random people, giving their opinions without backing it up, and they NEVER show their faces :) Go drink a Bud light and munch on a pizza while you give your ‘expert’ fan analysis LOL. Fatty bom bom

  • 13Doses:

    @jdumars You know if you think im going to read everything u say….keep thinking that :) I just check to c if you actually reply. Btw, why the hell did you start talking to me in the first place? Then YOU go on about me trying to brag or prove something? LOL im getting kicks just imagining what a loser you are in real life. I havent even told you ANYTHING about myself and already i have you forming a made up image in your tiny ignorant walnut that you call a brain. Whats next, more assumptions?

  • jdumars:


    Looks like I can string you along like a puppet for as long as I want. As much fun as it was seeing you make a fool of yourself I’m bored with you now. Ironic how you keep trying to tell other people how pathetic they are yet refuse to look at your own actions, words, and behavior. Oh well, I need people to shine my shoes and mow my lawn anyway. I know you will reply to this and probably brag about how much you can bench or some other ‘let’s meet’ bullshit.

  • lowenklee:

    “could be deadly”…haha, ya think?

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