R. Stevie Moore – Back in Time (1986)

“It may be time for R. Stevie Moore to call the Guinness Book of World Records. At the age of 52, this DIY pioneer has self-released more than 400 albums (he’s lost count), many of which are double albums. His sound diary, as he calls it, includes conceptual noise, spoken word diatribes, power pop, prog, punk, country, mini-symphonies and some genres that don’t even exist yet. His albums, the majority of which are decorated and assembled by hand, are always stamped with his wry sense of humor” – Mark Griffey, Junk Media 2004 Unsung Father of Lo-Fi and DIY Pioneer, R. Stevie Moore performing “Back in Time” (1986) in a 1988 home video “Back in Time” from Purpose (1986) BUY IT AT: www.rsteviemoore.com Also available in “Nevertheless Optimistic” (2003): www.rsteviemoore.com $ upport the Artist Save R. Stevie www.rsteviemoore.com New Videos Added Weekly Stay Tuned for Moore!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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