World’s Largest Chimpanzee

No animals were harmed in the making of this video. They were well cared for and the facility no longer exists. Kermit may be a member of a mysterious newly discovered species of human-sized chimpanzees. He may be the only photographed member in existence and the only one in captivity. The species might be an undiscovered genetic relative of human. It lives in a difficult to reach area. This video shows the world’s largest known chimpanzee. It also shows a omparison of Kermit, the large chimpanzee, and Daryl, a common chimpanzee. Kermit weighs over 250 lbs. The light faced chimp near the camera view is Daryl. Kermit is huge and may belong to a new species – a giant chimpanzee. His appearance differs from most other chimpanzees. Not only is he larger, but his face is somewhat darker. He has a greyish beard. Primatologists have documented a mysterious, new human-like ape. It lives in the northern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (in central Africa). It is highly elusive and lives in difficult to reach areas, thus, little is known about it. It has been reported that these apes, which sometimes walk upright, can stand up to 6-feet tall and to have 14-inch feet. They have the large body of the gorilla, but their face is flatter and more that of the chimpanzee. They seem to be a chimpanzee having the size and behavior of a gorilla. They sleep on the ground like gorillas, but eat a diet mainly consisting of fruit, as does the chimpanzee. When the moon rises and sets
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